About Marc

My past professional experiences are in working for John Lemmon Films in North Carolina, and Webster Colcord when he was set up in his basement in Portland Oregon. I have animated, built sets, sculpted puppets, and done everything that went with making commercials with them. We've made spots for the Cartoon Network, Warner Brothers, the Metro company and others.

More importantly I learned the tricks from those experiences that were once known to a small group. With the internet it's a lot easier to learn stop motion, but at the time it was nearly impossible unless you had on-the-job training and good connections.

You can visit my other site animateclay.com and mingle with the world wide clay and stop motion community today.

Since 2001 I have owned my own small business, selling self made how-to videos on the art of stop motion. The business is what keeps my family afloat and allows me to pursue my dream of expanding the art of stop motion. If you haven't already seen the stop motion store, please stop by and help yourself to the tutorials and supplies.


  1. hey marc! great stuff! do you do music videos?

    1. Hi Sidney, I don't make music videos right now, I have a group of sculptures to make for clients. But in the future there is always a possibility.