About Zombie Pirate Tales

Zombie Pirate Tales is going to be a series of stop motion short cartoons based around immortal zombie pirates who are looting all of the merchant ships at sea. All the kings of all the lands can't stop them, so they form a new strategy. To they send one brave man and his crew to loot the pirates themselves, leading to a cat and mouse game of comedic proportions. The cartoons will document everything from crew life, battles and strategies. All based loosely on what really happened when pirates ruled the seas many years ago.

We hope to produce a new short cartoon as often as we can make them. The first episodes will take longest since we have to build everything, make molds and designs. After this is done films might come out faster. It depends on our financial situation.

If you are able to donate funds to this project of short quality animated films please do. The films are made solely through donations from people like you.

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