Sunday, November 23, 2014

What Happened?

Zombie Pirate Tales was put on hold once again in the past few months which is why this blog was silent once again. Our biggest supporter passed away last week from cancer. Yes, my mom is gone as many of my Facebook friends know already.

She allowed me to use the garage in their house to set up my studio space and constantly wanted to give more. Sometimes to a fault to where I'd have to explain how much I have already. When we moved from our previous home in Pennsylvania she chose the next based on the fact it had a garage for my animation work. If I hadn't worked on the film for this or that reason - she would remind me "So how is Zombie Pirates coming along"? She always tried to be a motivator so I could realize my dream of making a short film in the media I loved to work in. Thanks for everything mom!

The good part in all this was that I was here every day with her to care for her in her darkest times. We did all we could and because of that my father, sister, wife and I have no regrets. I was with her right until her last breath. So with her memory in mind, Zombie Pirate Tales will continue. Not that it wasn't going to, but it gives me more motivation to make the film the best I possibly can.

It will be a while before things are back to normal emotionally for our family. Christmas season approaches and so I need to manage work and play carefully. Once normality ensues you will see new posts here regularly as the film is completed.