Thursday, July 11, 2013

Welcome to our new Zombie Pirate Tales blog. This is the first post on the new Blogger site, and unfortunately a lot of our old posts will be gone to the winds of history. But, from here we can move forward with a much nicer blog for visitors to read. Plus, I can now post pictures and videos in here as I produce them.

What I plan to do with our old gallery images is put them all on our facebook fan page. This way that aspect of our site won't be lost, but it will take time to upload everything. The good news is we'll plop new images right into our posts like this:

Videos will be the same, so to test it (since I'm still new to this setup), here is our preview video for Zombie Pirate Tales.

So make sure to bookmark our new page and let your friends know about the new location.

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