Saturday, January 3, 2015

Another Shot in the Can this Weekend

Ruble has flown once again in another shot. This time from right to left as the canon crashes down through the deck. The flying rig worked great, but it didn't fit on the left side of the deck. Removing one of the set walls was all it took. A couple of camera bumps (I had to climb over it to get some wire cutters) and a broken nylon string were the only issues.

I've also worked in some music from Kevin MacLeod since I don't have money for a musician. His songs actually worked into the film really well.

A few more touch-ups were done to make the old footage and new footage work together. Since my old camera captured 640 by 480 TIFF images (we're talking from 7 years ago) and the new camera captures full HD, the sides of the images were sometimes different in the editing timeline. A pirate map altered to create two dark side bars created an even image size throughout.

I altered the end credits to read better to the eye and also got After Effects version 7 to work on my new Windows 8 machine. It worked well enough to alter the beginning title to read "Zombie Pirate Tales" as opposed to "Zombie Pirates".

Things are getting so far along that I am really excited to share the film. everyone knows, you have to be patient if you're a stop motion film maker. Things take time and that's all there is to it.

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