Monday, April 13, 2015

Little Things Add Up

There are only three main shots left to create for Zombie Pirate Tales, but a lot still needs to be done to begin animation. Lately I've been doing more sculpting jobs for Gary Garabedian but in-between I try to get these little tasks done since they don't take a lot of time. Here's a photo of one such job:

While it seems simple, what you see here is a result of some trial and error. Ruble has to hold this mug firmly in his hand in order to animate it. Originally I twisted a wire around the handle and sculpted the clay hand over that wire. It ended up being flimsy when I tested it on the puppet by plugging it into his wrist-tube.

The other thing that happened was the handle broke off, so I had a twisted wire and clay mess. To make things more secure I drilled a tiny 1/16" hole in the center of the mug and epoxied (and crazy glued) it all in place.

Shimbu the monk was also repaired and I made some special eye balls for Rubles shots where he is shocked to see the beautiful mermaid. A rig was also repaired that I made about 10 years ago and the solder came loose. I'll attach our zombie puppet to it where he will appear behind Ruble. Much of this isn't really worth getting into as these things aren't super entertaining to hear about. But as the title says, it's the  "Little Things Add Up".

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  1. Marc when your explaining how, and why you did something, you may not think it's as you said "Entertaining", but to me and i'm sure alot of others who are learning the art, any piece of info. is entertaining, and instructional. So don't short yourself and leave out small details. We want to know(well I do). Mike H.