Saturday, January 10, 2015

Orange Screen?

What do you do when you have green zombies and a green screen behind them? You buy some orange fabric and give it a try.

Unfortunately it is very hard to get a very clean and crisp edge around our zombie. Even when using pink as the color there is a fine line that is slightly visible.

After a few hours of testing and changing the lighting, I'm not sure if there is anything left that can be done to make a more crisp and fine edge. To back light the puppet will not be nice since the sun is meant to be above, to the left and behind the camera in these shots. I may have to settle for less than a perfect matte and go with what Sony Vegas allows. The other option is to try using the free Fusion program I downloaded to see what it can do. I may be able to compose the shot in it and then import it back into Vegas.

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