Friday, January 16, 2015

Speeding Along

One of the problems with the orange screen was the outline around the puppets. This was solved by erasing the orange in Photoshop, creating a transparent background on each image. No chroma key necessary. The results are great, but the animation is slightly limited to plopping these images in without any motion (the mermaid). Or where I animated the fat zombie (with Ruble attached), the animation was only a few frames and some blinks. It is actually fine because there wasn't a lot of movement in the mermaid or zombie scenes. Animating the swing using key frames in Sony Vegas worked out great! Also the scene is in layers where Ruble will be animated and put in the shot later.

Here's the mermaid. She is seen for only a few seconds in the film as a drunken mirage by Ruble.

The audio is nearly complete as well as updated end title graphics. All the donators who helped finance the film were added. Newer sound effects of richer quality were plopped in too. Things are nearly done, just a few shots and I can reveal the full film.

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