Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Ruble Unties the Last Rope

What happens when Ruble unties the last rope? The large zombie woman creeps slowly down from above. This shot was around 15 seconds long - one of the longest shots in the film.

Some of the problems I encountered were that the foam latex which is naturally rubbery wanted to bend the arms into their original positions. If you think of a rubber band stretching, it will always try to go back into shape. And yes - Rubles body is made of rubber and behaves similarly.

That isn't the case usually with foam latex puppets. The issue stemmed from Rubles armature which was epoxied together. The heat from the baking process (for some unknown reason) caused the epoxy to weaken and no longer attach the parts with any strength. The worst area is his left shoulder. Fixing it is not a simple task and I've already cut him opened and added fresh epoxy to several areas already.

The good news is I've got only one more shot left to do with this puppet. Ruble will jump into the air and fly above the zombie and land on her back. I won't need any precise movements to do that shot so the arm won't be too much of an issue.

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